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2018 O’Brien County Fair

8:30 am – 12th Annual Antique/Classic Tractor Ride,
registration at Fairgrounds
9:00 am—4-H Non-livestock judging will take place @
Primghar Community Center
10:00 am – Open class craft exhibits must be checked in
10:30 am – Open Class craft judging
12 -1:00 pm – Noon Break
7:00 pm – Auto races sponsored by Primghar Jaycees
12:30 pm–Horse Projects must be checked in.
1:00 pm – Horse Show
3:00-5:00 p.m.—Poultry check-in and testing
3:30 pm—Sheep must be in place
4:00– 5:00 pm –Sheep weigh-in
4:00—6:00 pm—Rabbit Check-in
5:00 p.m.— Goat weigh-in begins immediately after sheep weigh-in. Goats will weigh in sheep barn
5:00–7:00 pm – Swine weigh-in
7:00-9:00 pm—Lamb Wash
8:00-11:00 am–Open Class Horticulture & Flower Arranging entries must be checked in
8:00-10:00 am—Dairy Wash Only
9:00 am – Rabbit Show
9:00-12pm—Market Beef Weigh In-No washing until 10am
10:00 am—Petting Zoo Open
10:00 am –Dairy must be in place.
10:00 am—Beef washing open
10:00 am – 4-H Exhibit Building Open to public.
11:00 am – Judging of Open Class Horticulture and Flower Arranging
12:00 noon – Market Beef, Breeding Heifers, Cow-Calves, Feeder Calves & Bottle/Bucket calves must be in place.
12:00 noon—Pen of three beef weigh-in
12:00 noon – Broiler Contest Judging
12:00 noon – Advanced lamb Pen Evaluation
*Sheep Show (Immediately following Pen Lambs)
*Bottle Lamb Show (immediately following sheep show)
*Goat Show (immediately following bottle lamb Show)
12:30 pm – Live Poultry Judging followed by baby chicks
3:00 pm (approx.)—Dairy Show (Or Immediately following Goat show)
6:00 pm— Bill Riley Talent Search Show
8:00 pm—Fair Queen & King Coronation
7:00 am-10:00 am—O’Brien County 4-H Foundation Pancake Breakfast
7:00 am—-Feeder Calves must be checked in
8:00 am—Beef Show
9-11:30am—Creepy Crawly Camp-Admin Building
10:00 am—4-H Exhibit Building Opens
10:00 am—Petting Zoo Open
1:00-3:30 pm—Noise, Noise Everywhere Camp-Admin Building
3:30-8:00 pm—Special K’z the Clown Entertainment
4:00 pm—Bottle/Bucket Calf Show
4:00-8:00 pm—Kock’s Mini Train & Ferris Wheel Rides
5:00 pm—Registration for Pedal Tractor Pull
5:30 pm—Pedal Tractor Pull
7:30 pm—Casey Muessigmann
7:30 am—Swine Show
9:00 am—4-H Pet Show
9:00 am—4-H Exhibit Building Opens
9:00 am—Rooster Crowing Contest
9:30 am—Dog Show (or immediately following Pet Show)
1:00 pm—Begin Judging Ed Presentations/Working Exhibits
2:00 pm—Program Open Class Building
2:30-3:00 pm—Livestock Judging Registration
3:00 pm—Livestock Judging Contest
4:00 pm—Share The Fun Entertainment and Evaluation, 4-H Style Show, Citizenship club project awards
5:00 pm—100 year Extension Celebration & Meal
5 –7:00 pm—O’Brien Co. Farm Bureau Watermelon Feed
7:30 pm—Auto Races sponsored by Primghar Jaycees
8:00 pm—All 4-H Livestock may be released
8:30 am—Awards/Announcements and Livestock Sale
8 -12:00—4-H Non-livestock exhibits may be released.
9-12:00 pm—Fair Dance
4-H’ers & parents are EXPECTED & Assigned places to help with cleanup. Lunch will be provided after cleanup.