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Congratulations to Our 2021 Fair Royalty!


Congratulations to the 2021 O’Brien County Fair Royalty!


2021 Fair Queen is Kaeley Einck, daughter of Tony and Heather Einck of Primghar. 2021 Fair King is Jason Wittrock, son of Tracy and Shonda Wittrock of Primghar. 2021 Fair Princess is Sydney Zeutenhorst, daughter of Christine Hunt and Tim Zeutenhorst of Granville.

Other candidates are Abby Boardman, Madison Fischer, Cael Noteboom, Olivia Grooters, and Makenzie Meyer.

O’Brien County Fair Spelling Bee

O’Brien County Fair to Host First Ever County Fair Spelling Bee!


Free event will be held on Tuesday, July 27 and Registration is open to the public!

PRIMGHAR – The O’Brien County Fair has announced that they are sponsoring the first ever O’Brien County Fair Spelling Bee to be held Tuesday, July 27 beginning at 10:00 a.m. The inaugural event, held in the conjunction with the annual O’Brien County Fair, will be held in the Admin Building on the fairgrounds in Primghar.

Students who have completed grades 2nd through 6th will compete for the title of “O’Brien County Fair Spelling Bee Champion” in each grade level. The Iowa Corn Growers Association is sponsoring the first-place prize for each grade level! Additional prizes of vouchers to be used at fair food venders will be awarded to all participants!

Admission to the fair is free and registration to participate in the Spelling Bee is also free and open to the public, including students who reside both inside and outside of O’Brien County. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Admin Building on the fairgrounds for any participants in the eligible grade levels. Participants may register throughout the contest up until the start of their age division. There will be no pre-registration before 9:30 a.m. on July 27th. Generally accepted spelling bee rules and format will be followed and grade-appropriate spelling lists will be utilized.

The O’Brien County Fair Board encourages the public to enter children and grandchildren to participate in the O’Brien County Fair Spelling Bee and to check out the many other activities scheduled during the fair, which runs July 24 – 29!

2021 O’Brien County Fair Royalty Candidates


Judging for the 2021 O’Brien County Fair Royalty was held Sunday, May 23 at Grace Lutheran Church in Primghar. The candidates were judged by Shanelle Matus and Karen Schwaller. Candidates participated in individual and group interviews. This year our queen candidates are, Sydney Zeutenhorst of Granville, Abby Boardman of Sutherland, Makenzie Meyer of Paullina, Kaeley Einck of Primghar, Madisen Fischer of Sheldon, and Olivia Grooters of Sanborn. King candidates are Cael Noteboom of Sheldon and Jason Wittrock of Primghar.

Coronation will be held Monday, July 26, at 8:00 p.m. at the Wayne Maass Memorial Stage on the fairgrounds in Primghar. Our 2021 Royalty will be crowned by our 2020 Queen Paige Dagel, King Eric Mars, and Princess Sierra Stamer.

Congratulations 2021 O’Brien County 4-H Graduating Seniors!

O’Brien County is home to eleven graduating senior 4-H members. As they graduate and enter their post high school endeavors, these graduates remind us what 4-H – and life – are all about.

Seniors took a minute to reflect on a beloved memory or share advice for younger 4-H members as they round out their time in O’Brien County 4-H.

Abby Boardman: “My favorite memory would just be getting the chance to hang out with people and meet people I normally wouldn’t talk to. And that would be my advice as well to go and meet new people because 4-H and FFA give you the perfect experience to meet new people.”

Kaeley Einck: “[One of my favorite memories is] Monday night after coronation, practicing leading her cattle around in the ring.”

Jack Farqhuar: “Don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Olivia Grooters: “[Some of my favorite memories are] water fights in the wash rack after a long show day. [My advice for younger 4-H members is] don’t forget to have fun after a long day.”

Jamie Hunt: “[My advice for younger 4-H members is] practice with your show stick so you don’t accidentally hit the person next to you.”

Emily Kellen: “Enjoy it while you can! The number of fairs you get to participate in are numbered.”

Eric Mars: “Younger members should try out as many activities or events that they can because they will never know what they enjoy unless they try.”

Bryce Rasmussen: “[One of my favorite memories is] competing at the National Meats Competition.”

Kim Sauer: “I have been in 4-H for 8 years and I have listened to and learned a lot from advice from others as they graduate. The one thing that I would love to share with others is: Take every chance you can get because one day that chance won’t be there and you’ll wish that you would have taken it at the time.”

Andrea Westra: “[One of my favorite memories is] when I hit my head on the trimming chute while getting my cow ready for fair. I didn’t think much of it and the next day I showed my animals and I was very dizzy, was sensitive to sound and had a horrible headache. Right after I was done showing my mom took me to the ER and I had a concussion.”

Jason Wittrock: “My favorite 4-H memory is hanging out at my camper with friends in between livestock shows.”


It is evident that the memories made and lessons learned in 4-H will remain with these graduates for years to come.

Congratulations O’Brien County 4-H Graduating Seniors! 

Congratulations to Our 2020 Fair Royalty!

Congratulations to the 2020 O’Brien County Fair Royalty!


2020 Fair Queen is Paige Dagel, daughter of Paul and Stacey Dagel of Sanborn. 2020 Fair King is Eric Mars, son of Kevin and Jennifer Mars of Paullina. 2020 Fair Princess is Sierra Stamer, daughter of Kevin and Karie Stamer of Hospers.

Other candidates are Emily Chicoine, Trey Haag, Olivia Grooters, Arianna Frerk, Claire Sells, Samantha Sauer, Samantha Noteboom, Jason Wittrock, and Jack Farquhar.

2020 Food for Fair

Message to our animal exhibitors and their families – due to the Corona 19 pandemic, we will not have our usual food court or 4H food stand available this year. We will have the Gobblestop truck and ice cream truck located next to the 4H food stand for your use. The Gobblestop is a fully licensed year-around food truck that met the covid restrictions when this started. Pam worked hard to get the ice cream truck licensed so we can have something normal at the fair. You may also bring food from home (please clean up after yourself) or visit the food establishments in Primghar (Pizza Ranch, Shortees, Pro-Go).

2020 Camping Information

The Fair Board will not be hosting any camping at the fair this year. All the spots owned by the City will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Please make sure you register and pay the City if you want to camp this year.
The spots in the hay field (by the overflow parking) are owned by the Fair Board and will NOT be available this year.

2020 Fair to be Live-Streamed

The Fair Board is excited to announce that Fuller Digital Solutions will be live-streaming all our livestock shows and other events at the fair this year. Special shout out to the O’Brien County Farm Bureau for sponsoring this!
What does this mean – for our static exhibitors, Fuller Digital will be doing a video after judging that will feature the projects and ribbon results. This will be available to view later.
For our Communication/Clothing Event/Working Exhibitors – County council members will be helping with the video taping and Fuller Digital will edit the recording and post the complied video later.
For our horse show exhibitors – Fuller will be live-streaming the entire show.
The Queen/King Coronation will be live-streamed from the Wayne Maass Memorial Stage.
For our remaining livestock/animal shows – Fuller Digital will be live-streaming each of these show.
What if you can’t watch the live-stream – no problem. Each live-stream event will be recorded and posted for viewing later.
Watch for more details and live-stream links to be posted later.
We had hoped that everyone could be here in person to watch the shows but we felt that limiting spectators to exhibitors and family members only is the safest thing to do as many of our volunteers and their families fall in the “at risk” category. By providing live-streaming, we hope that you can still experience the fair without being there.

2020 O’Brien County Fair Royalty Candidates

Judging for the 2020 O’Brien County Fair Royalty was held Sunday, May 31st at Grace Lutheran Church in Primghar. The candidates were judged by Dani Rehder and Sterling Meyer. Candidates participated in individual and group interviews. The King, Queen, and Princess will be crowned Sunday, July 18 at 8:00 p.m. Due to Covid-19 guidelines the Fair Board and Royalty Committee request only family members to attend the coronation. This years queen candidates are, Samantha Noteboom of Sheldon, Trey Haag of Primghar, Paige Dagel of Sanborn, Claire Sells of Granville, Sierra Stamer of Hospers, Arianna Frerk of Paullina, Olivia Grooters of Sanborn, Samantha Sauer of Hospers, and Emily Chicoine of Primghar. The king candidates are Jack Farquhar of Sutherland, Eric Mars of Paullina, and Jason Wittrock of Primghar. Our 2020 Royalty will be crowned by our 2019 Queen Anna Friedrichsen of Sutherland, King Mitchell Hunt of Granville, and Princess Jillian Heemstra of Primghar. Once again, due to Covid-19 concerns, the Fair Board requests only family members to attend. A live-stream of the event can be found on Fuller Digital Solution’s Facebook page, the O’Brien County Fair Facebook page, or on the O’Brien County 4-H app.

2020 Beef Project Information Update

O’Brien County Beef Project Families:

As you have likely been made aware, the Fair Board has elected to move forward with a single day event this year per species. We are thankful to give our exhibitors this opportunity, as many other counties in the state have chosen to completely cancel their fairs.

The 2020 O’Brien County Fair Beef Show is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st, 2020.

Please understand that due to the circumstances, no activity for beef projects will be allowed on the fairgrounds until Tuesday, July 21st at this time. There will be no night security, so any items brought in overnight will be at your own risk. Please be courteous of other species and their assigned days.

Communication will be more important this year than ever, so please be sure to let us know about any changes you have had with your cattle since the winter weigh-in.


Schedule is as follows:

  • Cattle may arrive at the fairgrounds on Tuesday morning; trailers will follow instructions for unloading in an efficient manner.
  • Market cattle will be weighed from 6AM – 9AM.
  • The 2020 Beef Show will start at 10:00 AM with Pens of 3 in the open pens. The lead cattle portion of our show will plan to tentatively start at 11:00AM.
  • Tentative Show Order:
    • Pen of 3
    • Breeding Heifers
    • Cow/Calf Pairs
    • Feeder Calves
    • 30 Minute Break
    • Market Heifers
    • Market Steers
    • Showmanship – Seniors first, then Intermediates, followed by Juniors.

Other important information to note:

  • The wash rack will be open, but we are strongly encouraging you to wash at home before trailering to the fairgrounds.
  • Market cattle will not be ultra-sounded due to time constraints.
  • Stalls will not be assigned by the beef committee, but instead we will assign “club areas” per barn. Many will choose not to stall in the barns, but please be cognizant of younger 4-H’ers who might like to stall in the barns.
    • If you choose not to stall in the barns, you MUST stay on the fairgrounds with your set-up.
  • Due to the uniqueness of this years show, bedding will not be provided. Please make arrangements to bring your own bedding if necessary.
    • After the show, please push your bedding to the center of the alleyway!
  • The Fair Board voted to require health papers for all cattle exhibited at the fair this year, per the recommendation by the State Veterinarian’s office. These papers must be done within 21 days of the show.
  • The structure of the 2020 beef show may look different than years past, as we are dealing with time-constraints of a same-day show. We will do our best to break down class with no less than three head per class; and we will not be choosing light-weight, middle-weight, and heavy-weight division winners this year.
  • We will not be able to have a show program this year due to COVID-19. After the weigh-in concludes, we will post classes on the ends of the barns and will also email out a copy of the classes to the email addresses on file with the Extension Office.
  • Committee members will be calling by Sunday, July 19th to confirm your entries, if we have not heard back from you before then.
  • Please be prepared to decide if you are planning to sell your animals or take them home. We will be getting a packer bid; however, regulations do not allow us to have an auction, and we will not be able to pass along a premium due to this year’s circumstances. This goes for all pen cattle as well as lead cattle.
    • The packer bud will be emailed out to you via the email address provided to the Extension Office as soon as we have it.
  • The show will be live-streamed for those who do not attend the show at the fairgrounds.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to do the best, we can to follow government regulations, while still providing a great beef show experience for our 4-H’ers!


Thank you,

The O’Brien County Fair Beef Committee