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2020 Swine Project Information

O’Brien County Swine Project Families:


Due to Covid-19, the Fair Board has elected to make the 2020 Fair a Show & Go event. Every day, 4H/FFA exhibitors will arrive in the morning with their animals, weigh-in, and prepare to show their livestock project. Exhibitors will then show according to the defined classes. Once the show is finished, the exhibitors will take their livestock back home, or their animal will go to market.

The 2020 O’Brien County Fair Swine Show is scheduled for Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 at 10:00 am.

The Swine Superintends have expectations that 4-H/FFA exhibitors will need to follow, and those expectations are laid out here:

  1. Weigh-In will begin at 7:00 am on Wednesday, July 22nd.
  2. Pigs will come to the fairgrounds clean and ready to go. That means that exhibitors will need to wash their pigs at home before bringing them to the fairgrounds.
    1. The wash rack will only be available for a short time on Wednesday. Exhibitors will need to have a Swine Superintendent approve their request to use the wash rack.
    2. We recommend bringing a bucket, soap, and brushes to spot clean your pigs before you show.
  3. Trailers will not be allowed to park west of the road located on the fairgrounds. In other words, no parking trailers on the football field. Trailers can be parked next to the horse area or out in the pasture.
  4. Pigs under #230 and over #320 will not be accepted.
  5. Exhibitors will need to know their individual pigs and ear tag numbers before getting to the scale house. Do not plan on having time to pick your individuals out at the fairgrounds; pick them out ahead of time at home.
  6. Exhibiters will need to bring their completed Swine Drug Affidavits with ear tag letters and numbers of only the pigs you are showing at the fair. You will also need to bring your Health Papers on Wednesday morning. Those papers can dropped off before exhibitors get to the scale house.
  7. After weigh-in is complete, the Swine Superintendents will break classes according to weight. Individuals and pens will be weighed on the scale in the scale house.
  8. The show is scheduled to start at 10:00 am on Wednesday.
  9. There will be a 30-minute dinner break during the show. The Swine Superintendents will let exhibitors know when that will occur after classes have been broken down.
  10. Pigs will have to stay overnight into Thursday morning before the pack will take them, so plan on bringing bedding, feed, and water for your pigs. Failure to provide these items will result in a forfeit of premium money. Pigs will be loaded out Thursday morning by the Swine Superintendents.
  11. Exhibitors will be expected to come and clean out their pens Thursday morning after the pigs have been loaded out. Plan on cleaning out your pen around 8:00 am on Thursday. Failure to clean your pen out will result in forfeit of your premium money.
    1. This time is also when you can come and collect your food and water bowls.

Due to the Covid-19 concerns, we are asking that only exhibitors and their families attend the show. A livestream of the show will be available for extend family and friends to watch. If you have any questions about the expectations 4-H’ers and FFA exhibitors will be following this year, you can contact a Swine Superintendent.


Thank you,

The O’Brien County Fair Swine Superintendents

2020 Ribbons and Trophies

In order to keep the 4-H/FFA Exhibitors and Fair Royalty safe, ribbons and trophies will not be handed out during livestock shows. Instead, the Fair Royalty will work with the Extension Office and stuff manila envelopes with ribbons. The Fair Royalty will be present during the different livestock shows and will watch the shows from outside the ring. They will then organize and stuff envelopes with exhibitor’s ribbons and awards. The envelopes will then be taken to the Fair Office where exhibitors or their family members can pick them up. Exhibitors will still be able to take pictures with their livestock and awards before the livestock is loaded onto trailers. We understand that this is different from past years, but this is not a normal fair. We are trying to put on the best fair possible while still keeping all of our exhibitors safe.

2020 O’Brien County 4-H Awards

The O’Brien County Fair is proud to present the 2020 4-H Award Winners!

This year the O’Brien County Fair is awarding two 4-H members with the Achievement Award. This award recognizes 4-H’ers who have shown outstanding personal growth through participation in a variety of 4-H projects and involvement. This year’s winners are Samantha Sauer of the Caledonia Ramblers 4-H Club and Samantha Noteboom of the Western Workers 4-H Club.

The O’Brien County Fair is also awarding two 4-H members with Merit Award. This award recognizes 4-H’ers who have shown outstanding personal growth through citizenship, community and club leadership. While also demonstrating an unselfish service to others. This year’s winners are Addison Brueggeman of the Caledonia Ramblers 4-H Club and Blaine Finster of the O&O Kids 4-H Club.

Finally, the O’Brien County Fair is awarding ten 4-H members the Danforth I Dare You Award. This award recognizes 4-H’ers who have shown a working knowledge of the 4-H program and challenge other youth to develop their skills for future endeavors through life and service to others. This award is only presented to 11th graders. This year’s winners are Abigail Boardman, Eric Mars and Jason Wittrock all from the Highlanders 4-H Club. Kaeley Einck and Andrea Westra both from the Center Farmers 4-H Club. Jamie Hunt, Emily Kellen, and Kimberly Sauer all from the Caledonia Ramblers 4-H Club, Jack Farquhar of the G&W Feeders 4-H Club, and Olivia Grooters of the O&O Kids 4-H Club

2020 Beef Project Information

O’Brien County Beef Project Families:

As you have likely been made aware, the Fair Board has elected to move forward with a single day event this year per species. We are thankful to give our exhibitors this opportunity, as many other counties in the state have chosen to completely cancel their fairs.

The 2020 O’Brien County Fair Beef Show is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st, 2020.

Please understand that due to the circumstances, no activity for beef projects will be allowed on the fairgrounds until Tuesday, July 21st! Please be courteous of other species and their assigned days. This includes tack delivery, etc.

Communication will be more important this year than ever, so please be sure to let us know about any changes you have had with your cattle since the winter weigh-in.

A list of more detailed information will be communicated to you as the fair gets closer!


Tentative Plan for Tuesday, July 21st:

  • Cattle may arrive at the fairgrounds; trailer will follow instructions for unloading in an efficient manner. Details to come.
  • Market cattle will be weighed from 6AM – 8AM.
  • The 2020 Beef Show will plan to tentatively start at 9AM.
  • The wash rack will be open, but we are strongly encouraging you to wash at home before trailering to the fairgrounds.
  • Market cattle will not be ultra-sounded due to time constraints.
  • Stalls will not be assigned by the beef committee, but instead we will assign “club areas” per barn. Many will choose not to stall in the barns, but please be cognizant of younger 4-H’ers who might like to stall in the barns.
  • Due to the uniqueness of this years show, bedding will not be provided. Please make arrangements to bring your own bedding if necessary.
  • The Fair Board voted to require health papers for all cattle exhibited at the fair this year, per the recommendation by the State Veterinarian’s office. These papers must be done within 21 days of the show.
  • Tentative Show Order:
    • Breeding Heifers
    • Cow/Calf Pairs
    • Feeder Calves
    • Showmanship
    • Market Heifers
    • Market Steers
    • Pen Cattle

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to do the best, we can to follow government regulations, while still providing a great beef show experience for our 4-H’ers! We will do our best to keep you posted regarding any changes or updates we might have. Plan to see more communication form the beef committee in a few weeks as fair-time quickly approaches.


Thank you,

The O’Brien County Fair Beef Committee

2020 Non-Livestock Day Club Schedule

2020 O’Brien County Fair
Non-Livestock Judging
Friday & Saturday, July 17-18, 2020
No conference judging. All projects will be dropped off at the Open Class Craft Building on the fairgrounds.
Friday July 17
4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Center Farmers, O & O Kids, Highlanders
Saturday July 18   G&W Feeders — County Council Members
7:30 – 9:30 a.m.   Caledonia Ramblers, Western Workers
Sunday July 19
1:30-4:00 p.m. All clubs pick up projects and collect premium money


2020 Non-Livestock Day Plan for 4-H Clubs

Friday, July 17

Dropping Projects Off

  • 4-H’ers will begin to drop off projects at 4:00 pm.
  • Drop off dates will be assigned to 4-H Clubs.
    • Friday, July 17
      • Center Farmers, O&O Kids, Highlanders
  • 4-H’ers will start at Outdoor Check-In table and receive their 4-H Entry Cards.
    • A diagram of the Open Class Building is attached at the bottom of the page.
  • 4-H’ers will then move to outdoor tables to attach Entry Cards securely to their projects with precut twine.
  • 4-H’ers will then move to Indoor Check-In table, located on the East side of the Open Class Building, where they can make changes to Entry Cars with the help of Extension Personnel or get the okay to move inside.
  • Once inside, 4-H’ers will drop projects off at the correct project areas.
    • Project areas will have color coded signs and table covers to help 4-H’ers identify where their project should go.
      • Example: Photography will go to the purple sign and table, while Home Improvement will go to the red sign and table.
    • County Council members will be assigned to project areas and help 4-H’ers display their project in that area.
    • Once all projects have been dropped off, 4-H’ers will exit through the West doors.
    • Drop off ends at 7:00 pm.

Saturday, July 18

Dropping Projects Off

  • 4-Hers will begin to drop projects off at 7:30 am – 9:30 am.
  • Saturday, July 18
    • G&W Feeders, Caledonia Ramblers, Western Workers
  • They will follow the same directions from above.


  • Judging starts at 10:00 am.
  • Judges will be assigned to a project area where they will:
    • Look at projects and read goal cards.
    • Write down comments about projects.
    • Determine ribbon placing by placing a color-coding sticker to project.
      • Blue sticker = Blue Ribbon, Red sticker = Red Ribbon
    • State Fair Considered Projects will be marked with a yellow sticker and compete against other yellow sticker projects for State Fair.
    • Once State Fair Projects have been selected, a purple sticker will be placed over top of the yellow sticker.

After Judging is Finished – County Council Kids Help

  • Ribbons will be attached to projects and Fair Entry Cards will be marked, gathered, and scanned.
  • State Fair projects will be placed in State Fair Booth for pictures and videos.
  • Pictures and videos of other projects will need to be taken as well.
  • State Fair projects will need to be returned to their original project area.

Sunday, July 19

Picking Up Projects

  • 4-Hers will pick their projects up starting at 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm. There is no assigned pick up times for clubs.
  • They will enter through East door and pick up their projects.
  • They will then stop at the Check-Out table where they will pick up their premium cash.
    • A-M last names will stop at one cashier table and N-Z last names will stop at a second cashier table.
  • Once 4-Her has picked up their project and premium money, they will exist through West door.
  • 4-Hers are expected to pick up their projects by 4:00 pm on Sunday. If they do not make other arrangements, they will forfeit their premium money, and their projects will be taken to the extension office after the fair.

2020 Non-Livestock Open Class Building Diagram


Congratulations to Our 2019 Fair Royalty!

Congratulations to the 2019 O’Brien County Fair Royalty!


2019 Fair Queen is Anna Friedrichsen, daughter of Dan and Kathy Friedrichsen of Sutherland. 2019 Fair King is Mitchell Hunt, son of Chris and Christine Hunt and Mary and the late JD Hunt of Granville. 2019 Fair Princess is Jillian Heemstra, daughter of Denny and Lori Heemstra of Primghar.

Other candidates are Sage Goergen, Samantha Sauer, Ariannna Frerk, Samantha Noteboom, Maggie Albert, Bailey Rohlfsen, Emily Chicoine, Trey Haag, Claire Sells, Paige Dagel, Case Moermond, and Clint Peters.

Congratulations to Our 2018 Fair Royalty!

Congratulations to the 2018 O’Brien County Fair Royalty!


2018 Fair Queen is Erin Wagner, daughter of Tom and Holly Wagner of Primghar. 2018 Fair King is Colton Meyer, son of Mike and Rebecca Meyer of Paullina. 2018 Fair Princess is Emily Mars, daughter of Kevin and Jennifer Mars of Paullina.

Other candidates are Dawson Weathers, Alec Schoof, Sage Goergen, and Maggie Albert,