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2021 O’Brien County Fair Royalty Judging

Judging for the 2021 O’Brien County Fair Royalty was held Sunday, May 23 at Grace Lutheran Church in Primghar. The candidates were judged by Shanelle Matus and Karen Schwaller. Candidates participated in individual and group interviews. This year our queen candidates are, Sydney Zeutenhorst of Granville, Abby Boardman of Sutherland, Makenzie Meyer of Paullina, Kaeley Einck of Primghar, Madisen Fischer of Sheldon, and Olivia Grooters of Sanborn. King candidates are Cael Noteboom of Sheldon and Jason Wittrock of Primghar.

Coronation will be held Monday, July 26, at 8:00 p.m. at the Wayne Maass Memorial Stage on the fairgrounds in Primghar. Our 2021 Royalty will be crowned by our 2020 Queen Paige Dagel, King Eric Mars, and Princess Sierra Stamer.

The O’Brien County Fair dates are July 24 – 29.

Front – Sydney Zeutenhorst, Abby Boardman, Makenzie Meyer and Madisen Fischer

Back – Olivia Grooters, Kaeley Einck, Jason Wittrock and Cael Noteboom

Congratulations 2021 O’Brien County 4-H Graduating Seniors!

O’Brien County is home to eleven graduating senior 4-H members. As they graduate and enter their post high school endeavors, these graduates remind us what 4-H – and life – are all about.

Seniors took a minute to reflect on a beloved memory or share advice for younger 4-H members as they round out their time in O’Brien County 4-H.

Abby Boardman: “My favorite memory would just be getting the chance to hang out with people and meet people I normally wouldn’t talk to. And that would be my advice as well to go and meet new people because 4-H and FFA give you the perfect experience to meet new people.”

Kaeley Einck: “[One of my favorite memories is] Monday night after coronation, practicing leading her cattle around in the ring.”

Jack Farqhuar: “Don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Olivia Grooters: “[Some of my favorite memories are] water fights in the wash rack after a long show day. [My advice for younger 4-H members is] don’t forget to have fun after a long day.”

Jamie Hunt: “[My advice for younger 4-H members is] practice with your show stick so you don’t accidentally hit the person next to you.”

Emily Kellen: “Enjoy it while you can! The number of fairs you get to participate in are numbered.”

Eric Mars: “Younger members should try out as many activities or events that they can because they will never know what they enjoy unless they try.”

Bryce Rasmussen: “[One of my favorite memories is] competing at the National Meats Competition.”

Kim Sauer: “I have been in 4-H for 8 years and I have listened to and learned a lot from advice from others as they graduate. The one thing that I would love to share with others is: Take every chance you can get because one day that chance won’t be there and you’ll wish that you would have taken it at the time.”

Andrea Westra: “[One of my favorite memories is] when I hit my head on the trimming chute while getting my cow ready for fair. I didn’t think much of it and the next day I showed my animals and I was very dizzy, was sensitive to sound and had a horrible headache. Right after I was done showing my mom took me to the ER and I had a concussion.”

Jason Wittrock: “My favorite 4-H memory is hanging out at my camper with friends in between livestock shows.”


It is evident that the memories made and lessons learned in 4-H will remain with these graduates for years to come.

Congratulations O’Brien County 4-H Graduating Seniors!